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We provide the senior strategic management needed to help your company grow

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VaCFO provides the senior strategic management needed to help your company grow. We become a senior financial manager and an integral partner of your management team, providing what you need, when you need it.

Developing Companies who cannot afford, or may not need, a full-time CFO

We allow your company to demonstrate to investors, creditors, strategic partners and potential merger and acquisition targets that your business operates within a well-defined financial framework. We help you maintain sound business practices and create financial infrastructure appropriate to your evolving size. Most importantly, we maintain a strategic view of your slice of the business world while making sure the details are taken care of.
VaCFO began working with a young technology company when their first angel invested $500,000. Our financial management services have maintained that investor's confidence over the past two years and our early proactive banking contacts are now becoming important as the company begins to generate revenue. Their valuation has doubled and they have raised an additional $2 million in capital - all during a period when the economy was reeling from a significant business downturn.

Emerging Companies anticipating rapid growth or who want more out of their financial management structure

We help you evaluate your financial strategies to take your company to the next level, whether that means targeting venture capital sources or upgrading your financial management and performance measurement. We are that integral part of your management team who establishes credibility with funding sources, serves on your Board or as a consultant to your Board, and helps you navigate your business to financial success.
A three-year-old company with an innovative technology applicable across multiple industries was finding an overwhelmingly eager market place. They quickly experienced exponential growth that demanded better underlying financial management support. VaCFO negotiated a bank loan to sustain cash flow, implemented stronger investor relations and management reporting, established budgets and margin targets, and realigned their accounting system. With those basics under better control, top management could focus on fulfilling production orders, developing sales and diversifying marketing efforts to take the company to the next level.

Established companies in transition

When you need expert financial guidance to assess funding alternatives or to evaluate potential acquisition targets or suitors, we can help you sort through the options. From revising your business plan to creating cash flow forecasts - or for simply gaining a fresh and objective senior management perspective - we are your resource.
When ownership changed in this established engineering firm, the new management team wanted a fresh look at the overall financial management picture and sought more proactive business counsel. VaCFO streamlined and automated financial systems to eliminate duplication of data entry and to speed up reporting. Particular benefit was provided in navigating the complexity of financial reporting requirements demanded for tracking income taxes on the cash basis, financial performance on the accrual basis, and governmental reporting using cost accounting standards.